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Artist's Statement

My art is about the intricate beauty of flowers. I believe that beauty in art and nature has the power to bring happiness and healing to people. I like to combine realistic painting methods with less rigid painting techniques such as bold color washes. My flower subjects appear in gestural poses that tell stories and connect to emotions. By using deep shadows and saturated colors, I hope to capture the drama of nature.


Watercolor allows me to achieve the pure light and color of the actual flowers. The white of the paper filters through the paint in the same way that sunlight filters through petals. I use transparent watercolor painting and incorporate traditional botanical rendering in a dry brush. My paintings are enlarged interpretations on heavy sheets of watercolor paper. I find my subjects in nature and paint from sketches and photographs.


Although I've always practiced art, my art education began in 1990 as a fine art major in college. Along the way, my attention diverted and I went on to earn a Masters degree in Education. After many years as an educator, I recently returned to making art full-time. My studio is in Plano, Texas.​

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