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About the Art

Paintings and Illustrations

Working in watercolor allows the colors of the paintings to glisten and shine. I love the clarity of watercolor on paper. Sometimes I make art that goes with a particular series. Other times, single subjects inspire me. You'll find that some of the paintings are rendered with detailed backgrounds while others are isolated on a white page. Also included in the portfolios are my ink illustrations and available giclee prints.

Is that watercolor?

People often ask, "Is that watercolor?" And, yes, it is watercolor! It's a way of painting that has come a long way since I first experienced it with a kid's set of eight watercolor paints in a plastic kit. Today, watercolor is vibrant, thick, and doesn't fade.

Garden Tiger

What is botanical art?

Botanical art began centuries ago as a way to document plant life. Botanists mainly used it on exploring missions. These days, botanical art is a way of celebrating nature. While staying true to the actual structure of the plants, it also shows the plant artistically. White backgrounds help to isolate and celebrate the shapes and details of a plant.

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