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Starting 2023 with Exhibitions

It's always exciting when I receive an invitation to show my paintings in a gallery. This year is starting with two fun invitations to juried shows. If you're not familiar, juried art exhibitions are judged by a reputable artist or panel of artists. All jurors have different tastes and standards, so it's never clear what they will choose to include in an exhibition. Usually, these exhibitions are held in a public gallery and include receptions and awards. All of the galleries are open to visitors. Here are the details for the first juried shows for 2023:

My painting, Florentino's Little Birds, will make its Houston debut next month. It was invited to the 46th Annual International Watermedia Exhibition at The Houston Watercolor Society. This will be my second year to have a painting in this exhibition. Water media means that artists may submit paintings in any type of media that uses water. This may include acrylics, gouache, and other combinations of water-based paints. My painting is watercolor only, so no acrylic or gouache. I like this particular exhibition. It was juried by Brenda Swenson, an internationally-acclaimed watercolor artist I admire. The Houston Watercolor Society has its own gallery and studio located in the Houston neighborhood of Montrose. That makes it a great weekend trip to visit all of the nearby museums. The Houston Watercolor Society is located at 1601 West Alabama Houston TX 77006. The society will host a reception on Sunday, March 5, 2023, at 3:30. You also can view the exhibition from March 7 - March 30. The gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 3 pm. I would be so honored to have my Houston area friends drop in for a look at the show!

Not as close to home is the Arizona Aqueous XXXVII Exhibition at Tubac Center of the Arts. Tubac is a little art enclave located south of Tuscon. My painting A Burst of Tulip was invited to hang in this exhibition. This was my first time sending a painting to Arizona, so that was exciting! Another water media exhibition, it includes work from artists around the United States working in water-based paint. The exhibition ends on February 20th. You might not be traveling that way but you may view an excellent video walkthrough of the exhibition online here. If you are interested in a unique trip, definitely give Tubac, Arizona a try! You'll find a lot of art and culture in this small town! The Tubac Center of the Arts is located at 9 Plaza Road in Tubac.

If you have never attended a gallery exhibition, you should certainly give it a go! Opening and closing receptions are filled with an air of energy and enthusiasm. It's an opportunity to relax, enjoy real-life art, and meet the artists. It can be part of a fun family outing or a perfect solo treat for yourself. Don't worry about dressing up, unless you would like to, or about knowing a lot about the art. Most galleries are not expecting that. And also don't worry about having to buy anything. Juried exhibitions are a great place to become familiar with the art, with an option to purchase only if you feel inspired. If you can't make it to a reception or opening event, the galleries are open for viewing at other hours. Sometimes it's nice to view an exhibition at less crowded times. Stay tuned for more opportunities to see art in person!

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