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As February begins, the exhibitions are starting again. I'm so excited to show and view art in person. There is nothing so authentic and inspiring as a live art exhibition. The galleries are opening their doors to visitors, mostly with mask requirements. For the winter-spring season, my art has been accepted to 3 exhibitions. Here are the details:

My painting, Anna Karenina, was accepted to the 175-Miles Show. It's a regional exhibition of art within of 175 miles of Denton, Texas. I love showing art in Denton. If you haven't visited this north Texas college town, you should! It has a lively arts scene, both in music and visual arts. This particular exhibition is held at The Patterson-Appleton Arts Center. Close to downtown, the Arts Center holds many art events for the community and region. I attended the public artists' reception for this show in January and I was surprised to see that the Arts Center was packed with art-loving, mask-wearing artists and friends. It was a wonderful night to view the three exhibits showing at the center's galleries, complete with wine and snacks! The exhibition closes on 2/19/22 with a closing reception from 2-4pm.

Look who's Houston-bound! My painting, Tess of the D'Urbervilles, was accepted into the Watercolor Art Society - Houston International Watercolor Exhibition. I'm super excited about this opportunity to show with a top-notch watercolor gallery. At this time last year, I was feeling completely deflated after my painting submission was rejected from this show. But that didn't stop me from submitting a different painting this year and hoping for the best outcome. It will be my first time exhibiting in Houston. I know the area well and I'm excited to return with a painting. This particular watercolor exhibition attracts immense talent from around the world. It's a real honor to be included! The exhibition starts on March 6 and continues to the end of March.

Closer to home, my painting, Zora's Janie Mae, will be showing at CoLAB Gallery in Denton, Texas. Yes, Denton again! I told you I enjoy showing art there! The show is produced by Envision Arts and will take place at a very special gallery in downtown Denton. CoLAB is a gallery that is operated in collaboration with The University of North Texas. If you attend the closing night of the 175 Miles Show (above), you will be able to head a couple blocks over to see this show, as well! The exhibit will be on display from February 15 - March 19, 2022. The opening reception is scheduled for February 18th from 6-8 pm. As the title indicates, the art featured will represent the concept of Emanate (meaning to send out). I think my painting emanates hope, so I'm very honored the juror chose to include it in the show.

If you have never attended a gallery exhibition, you should certainly give it a go! Opening and closing receptions are filled with an air of energy and enthusiasm. It's an opportunity to just relax and enjoy real-life art and artists. It can be a part of the perfect date-night or a perfect solo treat for yourself. Don't worry about dressing up, unless you would like to, or knowing a lot about the art. Most galleries are not expecting that. And also don't worry about having to buy anything. Juried exhibitions are a great place to become familiar with art, with an option to purchase only if you feel really inspired. I'm looking forward to entering more opportunities to show art in 2022. I hope you'll follow along!

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